Hey Y'all
Just a good definiton of all the meanings and how to draw a Triquetra ! 
mind, body, soul (spirit)
maiden, mother, crone
past, present, future
thought, feeling, emotion
Father, Son, Holy Ghost
creation, preservation, destruction
earth, air, water – three forces of nature
life, death, rebirth
Oh my i just can’t. This is the definition of perfection. My new obsession. Please marry me.

Nicolas Hoult <3
Lmao, marry me! <3
Love her! <3
Awhh i love Wyatt! So cute.
wooooo dancinnn”
I think i may faint! :3
Omg!! <3
So i was watching the Hilary Duff song, Reach out. And OMG i noticed my shoes. I print screened it and there you go the same! Woww, im like super excited right now haha! 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you just didn’t get hungry. Or you didn’t feel the need to eat chocolate or sweets….